March 23, 2021 · Issue 2: Space(s)

Fleece Brutality

Say it loud
For those with fabrics of being
Tattered, broken
Returning to the Earth they were sewn from

For those who wish
Their bodies were wrapped in cloth dyed
Not having dying instantly
With fabric and colours more forgiving

For those who
Wish their brothers in uniform
Were draped in understanding
And fabrics with more breathing room

For those who were opposed
To the hand-me-downs of a naked truth
Entering this world
With no clothes at all

For those who cannot wait for the day
Blue-blood bruised cloths
Adorning those who were once royalty
Will no longer be canvases
For fleece to be hung from

We are all stained
From the blood on the leaves
Cotton fiber strands floating carefree
Billowing in the winds of unease