March 22, 2021 · Issue 2: Space(s)


His smile is like a golden ray of sunshine, stripping back his mask to show his soul. The sound of his laugh—soft medley of strings. Quick flashes of white behind pink curtains, tasting of warm, oozing honey on my lips, as cold hands touch the skin of my face. His scent of peppermint is overwhelming. Goosebumps rise on my arms as the sound of my heartbeat drowns the police sirens here on the streets of Downtown Toronto.

His breath keeps me warm against the wind as it mixes with mine in the space between us.

I step closer, letting the heat he radiates seep into my skin and flow through my veins, intoxicating. My hands wrap around his neck, arms move down to my waist. I tilt my head up, my reflection visible in chocolate brown. My mouth twists to match his smile, a silver moonlight beam cutting through darkness