Textile publishes all sorts of creative work (poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, personal essay, visual art, photography, et cetera) that focuses on themes and issues relevant to people who live on the Haldimand Tract (Kitchener-Waterloo Region). Our mandate is to develop community, publishing new and emerging writers of different genders, ages, races, classes, sexualities and abilities. For folks who feel more privileged and want to get involved, there are lots of other ways to help out, just ask us.

Themes are announced on our homepage and on social media, well in advance of deadlines. If you have ideas for themes relevant to the region, we'd like to hear them. Themes are meant to be just that - taken literally or not, metaphorically, stretched as far or squished as narrow as words can. We love work that is hyper-local. Currently, we are not interested in Young Adult or Romance genres. If you want to get a sense of the work we're interested in, check out issue I!

We are open to new and beginning writers, and are committed to empowering our contributors in a number of ways: from publicity to anonymity, deep structural edits to minor proofreading. We emphasize developing writers and flattening hierarchies: so if you work with us, you can expect us wanting to discuss your piece and process in depth.

For poetry, please submit up to three poems. For CNF, short fiction, or other written formats, please do not exceed 6,000 words. Please submit a .docx, .pdf, or google docs format.

For visual submissions, please submit a high-res .jpeg or .png.

We pay $50 for the first page plus $10 per additional page, up to $100, at the time of publication.

Call For Submissions for Issue II: Spaces

We need space for mourning, justice, activism, and solidarity.

We need space for healing, action, reflection, vision, and clarity.

We need space for bold leadership, accountability, and community.

We need space for real dialogue.

We need space if we are to feel the tension between us.

We need to feel the space within us and remember who we are, who we always have been.

We need space to look up to at night and wonder why.

We need space for Black, Indigenous, and people of colour to breathe.

We need space for light to shine through.

So, tell us about your spaces.

Written, visual, and mixed media submissions welcome

Deadline: August 31, 2020

Submit here.