Textile is a hyper-local arts collective supporting writers and artists through mentorship, publishing, and curation.

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Issue 1: In Transit

A special collection of writing and artwork on public transit journeys, reflective travels, and imaginative destinations; and poems by Zainab Mahdi, Zain Bandali, Nur Al-Mouna, Hiba El Miari, Shama Saleh, Eve Nyandwi, Taylor Small, and much more.

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Issue 2: Space(s)

Short stories, essays, and poems on the complex and competing ideas about physical, virtual, or otherwise space(s). Special features present artwork and photography from local students and Indigenous youth, as well as focused reflections on 2020's global tumult, having to "shelter in place," and #LandBack.

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Created in partnership with Article Club KW, "Policing the Pandemic" is a micro-publication that addresses structural inequities and examines policing's impact on Black communities.

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Choose a window in your home with a framed screen and look outside. Fixate on an object in your view through the screen. Now, shift your focus onto the grid of your window screen holding that same object in your view, but out of focus. This is one way to pixelate an image.

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Elvis isn’t dead. He lives in Kitchener, Ontario, on a bench outside the grocery store. “One for the money!” I’m always tempted to say, as I dump a pathetic amount of change into his blistery hand. “One what?” he replies, in my head. “One what for the money?”

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Remember the year/they turned the landfill inside out?/carried the beach to our bare-boned dump/built a mountain from dead ends/and broken parts.

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Steal Myself Back

This soundscape is a collab between writers published in 'Space(s)’, elemental ancestors, and nonhuman animals living on the traditional land of Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabeg, and Attawandaron peoples.

Digital Storytelling Workshop

In 2022, we invited all previously published contributors to learn to code with HTML and CSS, the building blocks of the web, to enhance their stories with colour, photos, and layout customizations to create a unique immersive experience for their article.

Listen to past contributors read their stories and poems from issue 2

Tomi A., "The Bitterness on Your Tongue"

Yvonne Tagoe, "SKIN"

Nitica Sakharwade,
"Two Poems"

Seemab Zahra, Enigma

Tyra Forde, A Plate Away