Digital Storytelling Workshop

Coding Your Story

Call For Submissions for Coding Your Story: A Digital Storytelling Workshop Series

Textile is working with Sam Nabi, a Kitchener-based web developer and community organizer, to offer a series of workshops on digital storytelling. Participants will choose a story or poem that has already been published with Textile to enhance that piece for an immersive web experience.

Some examples of an immersive web experience include:

Eligible participants include the following:

  • Past contributors who want to enhance a piece they published with Textile
  • People who have consent from past contributors to enhance their piece

If you need consent from an author, send your expression of interest to and we'll reach out to the author on your behalf. We'll let you know what the author decides - remember that they have the right to decline your request!

Participants do not need to have coding experience and will work with Sam Nabi and Textile's editorial team to learn how to have more control over their written stories in a digital format. They will not be required to download any software and will use web-based tools for the workshops.

Each workshop session will introduce participants to new elements of front-end web development, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the fundamental building blocks of the web and will equip participants to apply their knowledge when customizing web pages in the future, whether they be on WordPress, SquareSpace, or any other website platform.

Participants will need to have access to their own computers or laptops with Internet access, as the workshops will be held virtually due to public health guidelines. If participants have barriers to accessing equipment, please note it in the form, and we will work together to bridge that gap.

Please fill out the form expressing your interest, here: